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How My Toddler Has Changed The Way I Travel

Traveling with a toddler changes the way you travel for many obvious reasons. I can forget about staying in hostels, late nights at pubs and jam packed itineraries; and honestly, I could care less about the way I used to travel. Traveling with my almost 2-year old has changed the way I travel for the… Continue reading How My Toddler Has Changed The Way I Travel

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Florence with Kids in a Snapshot

Oh, Firenze. Florence, Italy stole my heart the second I stepped out of the train station into the bustling city streets. I took my little girl to our hotel to drop off our things and immediately set out to explore. My original plan was to head for the city centre and just get a feel… Continue reading Florence with Kids in a Snapshot

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Meet the Explorers

Hi, I'm Erica and my little sidekick is Aria.     I am a mommy, wife and nurse with an adventurous soul that refuses to let day to day life get in the way of exploring the world. Most people assume that marriage, kids and travel do not mix. With a little patience (just kidding,… Continue reading Meet the Explorers