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Why You Should Travel to Italy with Kids

  Family Friendly Italian's adore children. I couldn't make it halfway down the street with my daughter without being stopped and hearing "Ciao bella" or "Bellissimo Bambini". Everyone wanted to talk to her and even kiss her, because apparently kissing stranger's babies is completely acceptable in Italy. She was given special treatment everywhere we went.… Continue reading Why You Should Travel to Italy with Kids


Why I Travel Without My Husband

Two words. That is all it takes to lose your individuality. The moment the words "I do" come out of your mouth it is automatically assumed that you and your significant other will be glued at the hip until death do you part. Now I am by no means against marriage; I am all for… Continue reading Why I Travel Without My Husband

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Meet the Explorers

Hi, I'm Erica and my little sidekick is Aria.     I am a mommy, wife and nurse with an adventurous soul that refuses to let day to day life get in the way of exploring the world. Most people assume that marriage, kids and travel do not mix. With a little patience (just kidding,… Continue reading Meet the Explorers