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How My Toddler Has Changed The Way I Travel

Traveling with a toddler changes the way you travel for many obvious reasons. I can forget about staying in hostels, late nights at pubs and jam packed itineraries; and honestly, I could care less about the way I used to travel.

Traveling with my almost 2-year old has changed the way I travel for the better and I am never looking back.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you know me at all, then you know I sweat the small stuff. Profusely. I’ve learned to stop doing this on my travels to avoid spoiling my trip. I can thank my daughter for this. When shit hits the fan, there is she, smiling and laughing without a care in the world. I look at her and how carefree she is and remind myself that whatever has happened isn’t the end of the world. She helps me laugh through it; even when I lock all of our clothes in a laundromat in Italy after hours (whoops) or an unscheduled train strike occurs and we can’t catch our train to our next destination. Traveling isn’t perfect. You live and you learn; and if you have a daughter like mine, then you laugh through all the misfortunes and find the best in the situation.

Breaking Out of My Shell

I like being alone. There, I said it. This is probably why I am one of the crazy girls in this world that love traveling solo. My daughter has taught (forced-cough cough) me to break out of my shell and interact with the locals. She loves meeting new people and most people tend to adore children-which means a lot of conversations start up. I now firmly believe that immersing yourself with the natives of the country that you are visiting truly gives you the best perspective of the culture. I am thankful my toddler is a curious little girl and shows her mama how to get the best experience out of our travels.

Slowing Down20161023_112300-01.jpeg

Traveling with a toddler means stopping to smell the roses. Literally; a million times. Slowing down, making a flexible itinerary and seeing the world from my toddler’s perspective makes for a unforgettable experience. On our latest adventure, I planned my itinerary to allow for leisurely mornings, nap time and bedtime at a decent hour. It was a breath of fresh air to not feel like I had to accomplish an abundance of things in one day. Instead, we were able to focus on a couple of sights per day and truly enjoy them without being rushed. And if you think you can rush a toddler, well, then you clearly aren’t a parent of one 😉 Slowing down will only make you appreciate your travels more.


Cutting Out Luxuries

I am by no means a luxury traveler. I budget absolutely everything when it comes to traveling. Traveling with my toddler means I have to budget even more to make our adventures possible. We don’t stay in fancy hotels, hardly eat out at restaurants and do a whole lot of walking to get around. I even manage to pack 2 weeks worth of our necessities in only one carry on– my trusty Osprey Backpack. I have grown to love traveling simply and living more like a local, rather than a tourist on vacation. 



Traveling with a toddler is by no means “easy”, but it is worth every single temper tantrum, lack of sleep and sacrifice. I could not imagine exploring the world without my daughter by my side. She has shown me an entire new way to travel and I am never looking back.

Seeing the world through my toddler’s eyes is the most special gift I could ever dream of.

Do you travel with your little ones?

Share your experiences below! I love hearing about other traveling families 🙂


32 thoughts on “How My Toddler Has Changed The Way I Travel”

  1. This is so sweet! I love seeing how you adjusted your travels now with your child, because I know so many people that give up the things they love! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Love this. We started traveling abroad with our little one when she was three and have towed her to three countries in the last year and a half. We still take a trip here and there alone, but I always end up missing her so much and wishing she was experiencing everything too. Thanks for the lovely post.

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  3. I don’t have kids yet, and don’t do much traveling yet, but I can totally relate to what you posted. Whenever traveling or going out with my two young nephews while I took care of them, I learned not to sweat the small stuff so much and to think “does this really matter in the long run?” and of course having to go slower (or faster) that you’re used to lol. I also like to be alone, as an introvert, but being out and about with them almost always helped me be more social.

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    1. Thank you! I hear from so many women that they are scared to start a family because they don’t want to stop traveling. I firmly believe that having children give you a reason to travel. It is the best education! You definitely don’t have to choose 🙂


  4. So many people stop travelling as soon as they have children which is unfortunate. It’s great to see that you didn’t allow it to stop you and that you could adapt and find the positives of travelling with a toddler.

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  5. Traveling with kids is so different but I wouldn’t change it for the world! My now 5 year old has been to many countries (first flight at 6 weeks) and she is truly the best travel partner ever. So glad to see there are people who continue to travel with kids in tow! So many think it’s one or the other and here we are, proving them wrong!

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    1. You have one lucky little girl! I am so glad there are other moms out there proving everyone wrong with me! They truly make for the best travel partners ever and I couldn’t imagine seeing the world without my little girl by my side!


  6. When I fists started reading this, I thought it has changed you to stay in luxury and the budget holidays are a time of the past, but was surprised to know it’s the opposite! Well done on making this all work with a toddler and to be able to pack everything for 2 weeks in a carry on-just wow! Ha! I would love to have a toddler only so I can slow down and take my time to smell the roses!

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  7. This is something I absolutely need to send to my sister. While I don’t have children myself, I found this to be a beautiful account of what it’s like to travel with children, especially for someone as independent as I am. I love the notion that traveling with a toddler compels you to stop and smell the roses–what a beautiful thing to be compelled to do! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I love love love this post. While I don’t have a child yet, I feel like people rarely discuss how travelling with kids changes your experience for the better! Most parents complain about all the inconveniences and headaches that it causes, without touching on the positive stuff, so this is a very refreshing read ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to shed some light on traveling with a little one. So many mom’s are scared to travel or some women are putting off motherhood to travel. But you don’t have to choose! 😊


  9. I love this post! It’s a frightening feeling to “loose”the way of traveling when giving birth to a child… but you win just so much more! I am very excited for that time to come 🙂 and I am so happy that you are enjoying traveling with your child so much!


  10. Lovely read!! I hear a lot of negative comments from travelers about never having kids because it would end their travel life or something to that extent. While everyone has their own priorities I find it super refreshing to read about moms’ traveling with their kids. It’s so nice! My future with having a kid is unknown but seeing that representation and love for travel with a child is really nice 🙂


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